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Bali Water World

New Nordic Group started its South East Asia adventure in Thailand more than a decade ago. Not an unfortunate choice. With the second-largest economy in ASEAN, Thailand is one of the most dynamic countries in Southeast Asia. Hugely popular as favorite tourist destination and that is not just because of its gentle climate. The Kingdom of Thailand is known for some of the best cuisines in the world; beautiful beaches and its rich traditional and intangible cultural heritage. Along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand, on the Eastern Seaboard, the New Nordic Group pioneered its first hospitality project which rapidly ventured out into a conglomerate of what it is today.


• Building 1
• Building 2
• Building 3
• Building 4
Carrera 2B #14-21 Edificio de los Bancos, of. 704
74001 Santa Marta, Magdalena – Colombia