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Bali Indonesia

Though some would say Indonesia is not the quintessential holiday spot, it offers a ton of adventures to pretty much everyone. The whole country is full of natural wonders, temples, and volcanoes, not to mention the wildlife that keeps you on your toes all the time.
What does Indonesia have to offer?
In terms of resources, Indonesia is full of surprises. One of its most developed areas is agriculture. Since it’s not as densely populated as one might think, there is enough land for the country to grow and cultivate all sorts of goods.

Indonesia is famous for its oil and natural gas, as well as cacao, palm oil, tea, rice and more. It is also a diverse country that consists of hundreds of different linguistic and ethnic groups. Still, the most prevalent group are the Javanese.

The people
In most cases, those who have already visited Indonesia say that the people are warm and friendly. They have their customs and etiquette that ought to be respected. However, if you show them respect, they will show it back, and this goes for the whole community. From markets to official institutions, Indonesians are friendly to tourists all around.

Still, that isn’t to say crime doesn’t exist in Indonesia. Petty theft is all too common, as is ATM skimming. Also, alcohol poisoning is an issue Gili Islands often face. Because there’s a strict alcohol import tax, it’s common to mix drinks with other substances to “stretch out” the effect. Thus, tourists should be wary and think twice about what they want to drink. Other than that, they ought to keep their belongings safe by not leaving bags and other things on display.


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